Chaser - Camp it Up, Live at the Barrymore Theater for Joey's Song 2018.
Edited by Jim Ripp.
Dichotomy : Which NYC would you rather visit? How music can change the way a film looks. Score by Mike Massey
Meriter Hospital Birthing Center :30 Television
:30 Television commercial for Meriter Hospital Birthing Center. Piano Score by Mike Massey.
Live At Five Feature
Feature produced by WISC-TV 3 for the news program, Live At Five.
You're The Inspiration - Peter Cetera and David Foster, Used By Permission, License #10008740
Performance for the Piano Fondue Showcase Countdown 2020.
Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi, Samuel Romans, Thomas Barnes, Peter Kelleher and Benjamin Kohn. Used by permission License #10008739.
Performance for Piano Fondue's Showcase Countdown 2020.
Silent Illusion Live on The Urban Theater.
Urban Theater Channel 3 CBS, Madison WI. Musical variety show hosted by John Urban.
The Present
Urban Theater Channel 3 CBS, Madison WI
Dancin' By The Light of the Moon
Dancin' By The Light of the Moon © 1989 Mike Massey. Performance for Music Makes A Difference Battle of the Bands, 2020
Jones Dairy Farm :30 "Weekday"
:30 Television commercial music composed and produced by Mike Massey
New Balance :30 Television
:30 Television commercial for New Balance Stores. Jingle by Mike Massey. Vocal Talent; Don Smithmeier.
Badgerland Financial :30 Television
:30 Television commercial for Badgerland Financial. Vocal Talent; Robert J. Conaway.
DAIS - New Shelter
Piano Score by Mike Massey
UW Hospital and Clinics Strong Medicine, Tender Care
:30 television spot, score by Mike Massey
The Way To Really Fly - Metra Chicago
:30 television spot for Metra, Music by Mike Massey. Vocal talent; Michael Neumann.
Mercury Optimax
:30 National TV spot music track written and produced by Michael Massey and Michael John Ripp.
Chicken or the egg
:30 television spot for Country Kitchen. Score by Mike Massey.