Dracula, A Rock Ballet

It has all the elements of a great rock show with heart pounding volume and dazzling lights. It's viscerally elegant with steampunk costumes,  an industrial set and painstakingly restored vintage film on a giant circular video screen. And it's a ballet, filled with sex, intrigue, murder and redemption. Bram Stoker's classic novel comes to life in Dracula, A Rock Ballet. Click on the link above to see a trailer.

Piano Fondue

Josh Dupont and his wife, Francie Phelps, run Piano Fondue as a family business, and they employ over a dozen musicians and technicians. The entertainers employed by Piano Fondue are second-to-none. Their talents and personalities are amazing, and Josh and Francie could not be prouder of their energy, loyalty, and client-focused work ethic. They bring expertise from every corner of the music industry, and these unique experiences inform their performances and make every pairing a treat. The ente


Chaser is a band formed in the late 70's that continues to thrive today. Melodic, powerful rock and an exhilarating live show make them a must see. The album, "Jack's Bootleg" was released in 2019. Click on the link for news, photos and video.

Slow Pulp

Madison born, Chicago based Indie-rock band. 

Adler Planetarium - Time, Space

Computer animated feature for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Score by Jack LeTourneau and Mike Massey.