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Are You Sleeping
Are You Sleeping

Away from home, wayside bar
New York City nights
Are You Sleeping
A bit askew point of view
Motor City might
Are You Sleeping

LA's fads, TV ads
Windy City sights
Are You Sleeping
Warhols past, plastic glass
San Francisco rights
Are You Sleeping

What do you see as you fly past the light
Does it ever hurt, does it feel alright
Lyric Credits: Michael Massey, Rick Ambrose
Music Credits: M. Massey, M. Ripp, T. Cerniglia, S. Johnson
Producer Credits: Tony Cerniglia
Performance Credits: T. Cerniglia, M. Ripp, J. Ripp, M. Massey, S. Johnson
Song Length: 5:22
Primary Genre: Rock-Classic
Secondary Genre: Pop-Rock