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Shepherd Express
Be Careful How You Say Pianist CD Review - 3/9/06

“...Madison’s local boy who almost made it big has grown up, recently releasing two dramatically different albums...His solo-piano record, Be Careful How You Say Pianist, deserves attention for the clever title alone—even if it wasn’t full of beautiful and elegant pieces performed by a musician who approaches his work with equal amounts of seriousness and playfulness. Massey’s talent as a Bowie-esque singer/songwriter, on the other hand, is vividly revealed on the dozen catchy and well-honed pop nuggets scattered across Attack of the Delicious, an aptly titled record overflowing with juicy melodies and tasty arrangements....

Rick’s Cafe
Cover Story - July 2004

Massey is one of the few people I know who have made music their life. We all know many great players who give up the music business for the stability of fam- ily and other career opportunities, some- times to the disbelief of their musical peers. Massey has family and stability now but continues to make his living playing music and in some very creative ways, as you will read. It’s easy to forget or remain unaware of how many musicians live in our midst who almost hit it big. In the pre-digital age fame was even a bigger deal than it is now...”  read entire article

Isthmus - The Daily Page - 11/2/06
Cover Story: Local album art ranges from striking to sad
by Michael Popke

“...I think artists can get complacent, making the art secondary to the music and just rushing that aspect of a project,” says longtime Madison musician Michael Massey, whose eye-popping cover for Attack of the Delicious borrows from B horror-movie posters. “The cover should be just as important as the music...”

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