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CD Release

Massey plays Ripps guitar

Massey Stop The Clock 3

Massey Stop The Clock 1

Chaser selfie


Massey Chaser Reese

Mike in the Alps 2

Massey EOR1

Massey Headliners

Attack of the Delicious CD Release

Massey and Ripp at Bratfest

Massey at the Brink Lounge

Mike at Jersey Shore

Mike, Josh and Jimbo

Head Shot Promo Photo by John-Urban

Mike and Andy Warhol

Mike and Francie 2

Mike and Francie at Gennas

Mike and Tony

Mike at Badger Bowl

Mike guitar New Glarus

Mike in the Alps 1

STC live on Urban Theater

STC at HIgh Noon Saloon

Steely Dane

Stop The Clock

The Present CD Release - Photo by John Urban


Sailor Glam

Gratitude and respect to the people who contributed photography on this site:
The John Urban Production Company, Andrew Weeks Photography, Robert Wydra Photography, Julie David, Tom Earley, JLaaser Photography, Paul J. Ripp, Susan Day, Sarah Warmke, Brenda Allen-Johnson, Natalie Hinckley, Mary Reese,
 John Paul Croake, Dr. Josh Dupont

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